About Us

Christopher Tibbitts


Mr. Tibbitts is the acting CEO of AARC and brings a wealth of knowledge to the company with his more than 25 years experience as a business owner, SR V.P. and international consultant. His name in Congo is Tshabinda Onkoya.  An expert in human communication and socioeconomic development, he leads the company's mission to, leave it better than you found it.  He steers the overall redevelopment and humanitarian focus of the company, and understand people over profits, leads to economic stability.

Junior Banza


Mr. Banza is the company's CFO and administrates the financial transactions both foreign and domestic.  He hold a degree in Finance and has been involved in high dollar advanced transactions.  As a native Congolese, now US Citizen, he understands the opportunities in the DRC, and the responsibility to leave it better than he found it. Mr. Banza is very well connected to high ranking members within various African nations and understand how to navigate the political field throughout Africa. 

Joseph Diamany


Mr. Diamany is the Sr. VP of Business Development, and is a native Congolese. Mr. Diamany lives in London, and runs our London office, with frequent travel to Africa and China.  Mr. Diamany has over 20 years experience in import, export and was directly responsible as the first in exporting diamonds from DRC, to China. He owns a manufacturing facility in China, which manufactures and export textile goods. Mr. Diamany oversees the diamond cutting process with our factory partner in China.