•  AARC projects are various and range from government to private organizations interested in, and who understand the rich mineral availability found in the DRC. AARC team members have been working in DRC since 1997.  AARC has assisted private organizations in development of building projects. 
  • Currently AARC members are working with DRC government officials to build 4 waste to energy plants in DRC. This will provide desperately needed waste management service, which will help clean the major cities, and provide energy, and biofuels.
  • AARC is developing farming projects outside Kinshasa Congo. AARC has been gifted 900 hectares of prime farming land. This proposed plot will grow corn, which is mostly imported to the Congo. 
  • AARC has precious metal and gem mining claims options throughout many regions in Congo. AARC is working hand in hand with MIBA a DRC government owned mining company. We are currently developing these projects with an estimated value of over 200 billion us dollars.